Who is Suzanne Makshanoff?

  • I was born and raised in Whittier, California
  • I taught statistics and accounting at BIOLA University
  • I had a successful employee benefits consulting career
  • I completed my professional designation as a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries
  • I graduated from UCLA summa cum laude and phi beta kappa
  • I was infertile for five years
  • I am a breast and skin cancer survivor
  • I am a heart disease survivor
  • I am a wife
  • I am a mother
  • I am a daughter
  • I am a child of God
  • I am saved by Jesus Christ
  • I am transformed

Consider the Butterfly illustrates how God transforms our lives…

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john west July 1, 2011 at 10:16 pm

Hi Susan,
I am so impressed to learn more about you and your transformation.



joe July 20, 2011 at 5:01 am

Hi Susan, keep up the great endurance.



matthew March 25, 2015 at 2:42 am

As a private pilot, I attempt to create standard practices in a fluid environment, always changing, always fluctuating over time. Attempting to be the fixed point in a variable world means constantly adjusting, growing, learning, and discovering new strengths within ourselves, to stay aloft in a world of change. But I would like to share a small story with you if I may. The butterfly in and always will be a form of a guardian angel, sometime ago I flew a young child down to a hospital for medical care during an Angel Flight. She came aboard with a crystal butterfly and asked if I would hang it up in the cockpit, which I did. During our flight, the sun shined on that little butterfly and most importantly, on her. After we landed, I went to remove it and she said to keep it as I will need it shortly. Today, that same small butterfly hangs where I put it, and that little girl was right, I did need it as a few months later, my own wife was being flown down by me, for you see, my own wife ended up being a double Cancer survivor. The butterfly may flutter around in a magical way and fluid way, but most importantly they touch our souls in many ways.


admin April 30, 2015 at 3:42 pm

Wow! What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing that. I too see fluttering butterflies, and specific ones that mean something to me, at just the right time to encourage me. I don’t believe in looking for signs from God too much, that can be dangerous. I think that searching His word is the best way to hear Him speak. But, I do believe that He sends encouragement when we need it in just the right way in just the right time. One day I asked God if I should keep writing because it was taking a lot of my time, and I have little ones at home. I told God that if He wanted me to keep going, then I needed a butterfly to land on me. I went out in the yard, and the one that looks just like the one that visited me every time I made a major commitment to write (a Mourning Cloak butterfly), landed on me cheek and stayed there for quite some time. A kiss from God. Reading this today has encouraged me in just the right time. I was in tears just before. It is my kiss from God today. Thank you God! And bless you Matthew!


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